Coreio is a market leader in managed IT services for enterprise clients. From network, server and storage management to end user desktop support, we manage your IT so you can focus on growing and managing your business.

Managed Operations

Almost all enterprise-scale businesses today rely on a complex IT ecosystem to support their daily functions. While many manage their IT infrastructure in-house, others find that there are efficiencies to be gained by utilizing managed IT services so that they can focus on their core business, knowing that their IT operations management is benefitting from best in class knowledge that will improve customer service and realize cost savings.

Coreio scales our Managed Operations service to your business requirements, from selective “only where you need it” integration into your operations, if that is all you require, to “full-on implementation” when you prefer to outsource all of your IT-related operations. Trust Coreio to understand and meet your requirements, including server, storage and network management, founded on a firm understanding of your business needs and ITIL best practices.


Server Management to Ensure Reliability and Up-time

The IT Infrastructure and tools that support your end users are essential to your business model. Your business applications, email and messaging services, printing and file services all rely on the company’s servers, so ensuring those servers are well maintained to run at peak efficiency is just good business.

From capacity management to hardware support, in your Data Centre or in the Cloud, Coreio can help you keep your server infrastructure and all of your IT operations functioning efficiently. Offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with network management, Coreio’s server management capabilities are backed by a thorough understanding of your business needs and by Coreio’s server technical professionals, who hold the most current certifications, have industry-leading experience, and are available at your convenience and ready to assist when you need them, day or night.


Cloud Hosting and Server Virtualization to Reduce Your Footprint, Improve Your Efficiency

Virtualization and Cloud hosting are among the most popular IT operations management trends because of their ability to help companies reduce costs and minimize the amount of physical maintenance that needs to be performed.

Coreio has the experience to understand the challenges involved with consolidation and virtualization. We can help you choose the right operating system for virtualization, ensure your hardware can accommodate consolidation and run its operating system under virtualization software, help with troubleshooting, and more.


Storage Management to Keep Data Safe and Available

Companies today have more information to deal with than ever before, so quick access to the data you need requires effective storage management. With ever-changing data retention and information laws, it is also essential to properly manage your business’ data and implement policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of your data and maintain proper data retention and redundancy.

Coreio’s storage management services ensure that your data is available, protected, and that the equipment housing it is maintained in top operating condition. As part of a customised Data Centre management solution or as a stand-alone offering, our data storage solutions meet the complex needs for multiple, scalable storage options spanning various line of businesses required by large enterprises. These can include Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Content-addressable storage (CAS), Storage Networking and Cloud Storage.


Network Management to Keep Information Moving

Your organization’s network enables the communication of information that keeps your business moving. Administrating, operating, and reliably maintaining that key asset involves a broad range of functions and tools focused on reliability and efficiency of your data networks.

Coreio can integrate with your current IT operations management team or provide all-encompassing network management. We thoroughly evaluate your network needs and document our findings to ensure the proper solution for your business and keep you up-to-date on the status and functionality of your network through reporting tailored to your needs.


Flexible Managed IT Services for a Dynamic Time

Whether you are looking to move to the Cloud, virtualize your servers or simplify your IT budget planning, Coreio’s team of IT strategy experts has the track record and training to make it happen. Our managed IT services will let you spend less time worrying about IT processes and malfunctions and more time focused on the tasks that make your business stand out in its field.

“The benefit of outsourcing part or all of your IT operations to Coreio is that we are a partner who can drill down to understand your needs, and make recommendations based on that understanding. Then we bring to bear highly qualified personnel to apply best practices that keep you consistently up and running, keep your data safe and compliant, and ultimately drive value for your business. This allows you to focus on your day to day, knowing IT is covered.” –Stephen Baird, CTO, Coreio

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